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Willard discovered that he could carve, polish and paint porcelain into highly detailed sculptures. After watching a TV programme exhibiting the world’s most expensive super yachts and the race between the luxury companies and Billionaire consumers to own the world’s largest yacht, Willard decided he would make his version. Rather than world’s largest, he would make the world’s smallest which could be the most expensive per cubic foot.


The yacht took Willard 11 weeks to complete and is carved from porcelain, with spider web for the hand rails and real black glass shards from his sunglasses for the windows. It is polished and painted with oils using his eyelash as a paintbrush and mounted within the eye of the smallest available sewing needle.


Look closely and you will see handrails, portholes, antennae and a communication dish. Such is the level of detail that Willard can achieve.


This piece will be mounted and enjoyed within a bespoke magnifying display.

Sun Seeking

  • Yacht in the eye of a needle

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