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Time to Remember

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Willard Wigan and Graham Short Sculpture Collaboration with Osberg & Martin Clockmakers commemorating First World War remembrance centenary.

World War One Commemorative Sculpture

Tom Powell, Willard Wigan & Graham Short

World renowned British micro-artists Willard Wigan MBE and Graham Short are collaborating for the first time ever to create a one off commemoration sculpture.

The piece, named Time to Remember the Missing Soldier incorporates a microscopic detailed handmade sculpture of a soldier, standing upon the tip of a decommissioned First World War Lee Enfield 303 bullet. (The finished soldier sculpture is smaller than a full stop in a newspaper) The tip of this bullet is micro hand engraved with a poignant inscription by hands of a genius, Graham Short.

.303 British

The engraved sculpture and microscope is being mounted within a beautiful clear globe handmade clock by Tom Powell of Osberg & Martin. The hands of the clock set at 11 o’clock representing a fixed 11th hour of remembrance. 

Clear Globe Handmade Clock

Willard’s brother, Trevor Wiggan, an amazing poetic talent has added his own tribute to this collaboration by writing a beautiful unique poem, just for this piece, to be hand engraved by Graham Short upon the clock face.

This iconic collaboration of these two amazing artists represents their small yet powerful tribute. When you consider that just one life and one bullet is truly microscopic when compared to the millions of lives lost and bullets fired during this period. 

Time to Remember the Missing Soldier will be completed during November 2018 and promptly donated to the Royal British Legion, where it may possibly be sold to raise funds or perhaps even exhibited by them. 

Willard Wigan MBE has astonished people worldwide with his amazing sculptures, often mounted within the eyes of needles or balanced upon the heads of pins. With their incredible detail and likeness to his chosen subject matter, he holds a Guinness World Record for the World’s smallest handmade sculpture and has even made a miniature crown for The Queen.

Graham Short is the world’s smallest micro hand engraver and his accomplishments include engraving the complete Lord’s Prayer on the head of a gold pin, alongside the amazing micro portrait engravings of Jane Austin and Harry Kane hidden within circulating five-pound notes.

Links for background interest are given below

Enquiries to John Bowden 07957 166064

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