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Ozark High School Art Department Virtual Visit

Ozark High School Art Department, Missouri, the United States embracing the benefits of a virtual visit

“Thank you again so much for taking the time to talk with my school. It was one of the highlights of my teaching career. We loved it!" - Jacob Williams

A big thank you to Jacob Williams for arranging a virtual visit and for sending over images and video. I feel honoured and privileged to be able to inspire and influence students all over the world with my micro sculpture work and life story.

I enjoyed meeting all the students and answering all their questions, it was educational, fun and inspiring for us all. I am honoured, blessed, and thankful to all the people who took part - Willard Wigan, MBE

How to book a virtual visit

Book a one 2 one or group online session with Willard.

Join Willard in a personal meet and greet from his home studio. An inspiring and motivational digital session where Willard will tell you about his life, beliefs and his journey to success. His aim, to inspire you to find and achieve your path to success, regardless of your academic ability or whatever adversity you may feel your face. Find your blueprint for complete success and have the confidence to achieve it. A virtual visit typically lasts for an hour to an hour and a half, including a Q&A session. Once a virtual visit is booked Willard, will make contact with you to arrange a convenient time.

Book a one 2 one or group online session with Willard.

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